Mazal Bat Frieda A”H

A Remembrance of Mazal

A woman’s role in life is to actively partner with HaKadosh Baruch Hu in sustaining His world by building a family in great modesty, joyfully nurturing all of its members and implanting within them lasting values of Torah and Chessed. That constant effort spans an entire lifetime; nothing comes without her investment of time and total involvement. Her fulfillment comes from encouraging her husband to grow and from the pleasure at watching her children mature with a sense of happiness and stability that will give them the ability to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Mazal fulfilled this role and more during her 34 years. She had a joy for life that anchored her family and touched everyone because she sincerely loved and cared for them, and in turn they all loved her. She was the ultimate giver, always pleasant and helpful, always accepting Hashem’s will without any expression of personal need or hardship, with charm and grace, with humor and a fierce dedication for the well being of her young children. With absolute faith in Hashem she never worried about tomorrow; she was focused on today and on the good that could be done today. She knew better than most of us that life is precious and she would strive not to waste a moment of it. She was a living Kiddush Hashem and an example of how we all should lead our lives.

Mazal was born on the 27th of Nissan 5732

Mazal’s neshamah returned home on the 27th of Elul 5766.

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